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The LAG Golfo di Castellammare (LAG of Castellammare Gulf) organizes and supports the event “GAL InContraDanza, Musica, Gusto e Territorio nel Golfo di Castellammare”(“LAG InContraDanza - Music, Taste and Territory in Castellammare Gulf”) in order to promote the local economic development and value the historical, cultural, ethnic and anthropological  heritage.



“GAL InContraDanza” takes its origins from the will to value and promote common identity in the territory of the LAG Golfo di Castellammare so to increase the group identity with reference to places, customs, common practices and people. Looking back and stimulating the memories in the LAG communities ,contradanza dance emerged as common historical element in the seven Municipalities members of the LAG Golfo di Castellammare.



“GAL InContraDanza” aims at creating a strong territorial identity without neglecting peculiarities and diversity of the member Municipalities, on the contrary the idea is to integrate distinctive features each other and to make a recognizable product capable to combine tradition and modernity, past and future, making this product as unique and attractive both for locals and for visitors.”


The core idea of the project is to realize an itinerant event stopping off in each of the seven municipalities of the LAG Golfo di Castellammare, from February to June 2015. Habits, customs and typical seafood and land products are included in a flexible framework, made of music, stories and tales collected in order to celebrate the territory as a unit.


To this end and whereas possible, we tried to match the organization of the event with the existing local celebrations or public perfomances. The opening day, for example, was held in conjunction with the Carnival in Cinisi. The choice of the event in Cinisi as inaugural moment is not accidental, but it is guided by the recognition of the strong connection between Carnival and the Contradanza, which has been and still is the official dance of the Carnival festivals in some areas of the island.

The Project  "GAL InContraDanza"


Music, Taste and Territory in the Gulf of Castellammare

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